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2018 SNEC Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition Shanghai China
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2018 SNEC Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition Shanghai China
Concurrent Event: SNEC (2018) International Energy Storage and Mobile New Energy Exhibition & Conference

Dear Customers: 
SUNS ENERGY was beginning with solar energy design, as we have plenty of experience on solar energy, we started to make different solar home systems.
SUNS ENERGY located in Shenzhen Guangdong province, is a consistent quality manufacturer for solar panels, solar energy systems, solar controllers, solar inverters, solar batteries.

We, Shenzhen Suns Energy Co., Ltd will exhibit at SNEC 2018 in Shanghai from 28th - 30th May, 2018
Welcome to visit our hall: N5 117 new solar system on pay as you go function.
Model no.:
NSS10 (10W pay as  you go solar system)
NSS30 (30W pay as  you go solar system)
NSS60 (60W pay as  you go solar system)

Hall: N5 117 
Time: 28th - 30th May, 2018

Best wishes, 
Shenzhen Suns Energy Co., Ltd
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